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Brand: Solarwize

5KVA single phase hybrid inverter ( GF-5580-MPS+ )
Inverter Mode
Rated Power : 5000VA - 5000W
DC Input : 48VDC - 104A
AC Output : 230VAC - 50Hz - 22A - 1Ø
AC Charger Mode
AC Input : 90VAC~280VAC,50Hz,36A MAX, 1Ø
DC Output : 54VDC - 10-60A
AC Output : 230VAC - 50Hz - 22A - 1Ø
Solar Charger Mode
Rated Current : 80A
System Voltage : 48VDC
Max Solar Voltage : 145VDC

Operating Temperature Range : 0~55°C
Ingress Protection : IP21
Protective Class : class l
Approved : ce 

The Solarwize (  GF-5580-MPS+ ) 5KVA single phase hybrid inverter is designed to provide power backup and charging capabilities for home usage. It can serve as a reliable backup power source during outages, allowing you to continue using your essential electrical devices.
In Inverter Mode, it can deliver a maximum power of 5000W, providing sufficient power to run appliances such as lights, TVs, DSTV, internet routers, computers, security cameras, fridge and small electronic devices.
In AC Charger Mode, it can charge the battery (48V) using AC power from the grid, ensuring that the battery is ready for use when needed. It accepts a wide range of AC input voltages, making it compatible with various electrical systems.
In Solar Charger Mode, the inverter can utilize solar panels to charge batteries, harnessing the power of the sun to provide clean and renewable energy. This allows you to reduce your reliance on the grid and take advantage of solar energy.
With its versatile features and capabilities, this inverter is a convenient and efficient solution for powering your home and ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply.
Additionally, Battery Bank, Electrical Wiring, Solar Panels & Mounting Structures ( optional ) is needed. For a smooth and efficient installation, consulting with our sales team and professional solar installer is recommended. They can guide on selecting the right components and ensure a safe and reliable setup.

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